When it rains for nearly 9 months continuously, the dry respite of summer pulls everyone outdoors onto porches, decks, and patios. Since rain and humidity can be so punishing to a deck, wood-decking in the Pacific NW isn’t always the best choice.

Next Level Building & Remodeling has experience with a variety of decking materials that allows homeowners to have a long-lasting, beautiful deck with very little regular maintenance.  

Choosing materials suited for our NW climate ensures that the finished product enhances curb appeal, can survive months of rain, cleans up easily, and looks beautiful no matter what weather it experienced over the winter.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living and backyard design in the Pacific Northwest is often just as important to our lifestyles than our indoor space. 

Since we experience warmer temperatures for just a few months of the year, elements of backyard design that we can utilize year-round such as covered outdoor space, beautiful landscaping, outdoor kitchens, bar areas, hot tubs and outdoor fireplaces can be wonderful additions to our homes. 

Outdoor living design expands your living space, deepens your connection to nature and provides enriching possibilities for family life and entertaining.

Siding and Exteriors

Nothing conveys the personality of your home quite like it’s exterior footprint. It’s an unspoken statement communicated to everyone about your style and personality. 

If you are looking at upgrading the exterior of your home, or are adding square footage to your existing home, the exterior view is just as important as the interior details and that’s something our team never forgets. 

Talk to us about leveraging your exterior living space and enhancing curb appeal through an exterior renovation. 


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